Human Cervical Spine Response Corridors

Cadaver response corridors are available for compressive impact, pure sagittal bending and a variety of tensile loadings. Geometric data is also available for use in anthropometric studies and finite element model development. It is hoped that these data will be useful in the development and validation of computational models and ATDs. Please navigate to the desired data using the list below or the menu.


Pediatric Head Contour, Moment of Inertia and Center of Gravity Analysis for ATD Design

Three-dimensional average head contours are available for ages ranging between one-month and ten-year-old specimens. Data is formatted as an .stl surface mesh, or a text file containing point coordinates. Contours for each age group include separate average male and female contours as well as combined male and female data. Navigate to the data through the links below, or from the menu.