Male Tension

Tension - Male (in preparation)

Please see the following publications for background and methodology:

Van Ee, A., Chris, Nightingale, R. W., Camacho, D. L., Chancey, V. C., Knaub, K., E., Sun, E. A., and Myers, B. S. (2000) Tensile properties of the human muscular and ligamentous cervical spine. Stapp Car Crash Journal, 44:(2000-01-SC07), pp. 85-102.

Whole Cervical Spine

Fixed-Fixed End Condition
Fixed-Free End Condition 
Fixed-RC End Condition 
Fixed-TC End Condition

Cervical Spine Segments

O-C2 Fixed-Fixed End Condition 
C4-C5 Fixed-Fixed End Condition 
C6-C7 Fixed-Fixed End Condition