Specimen MOI Tensors

Specimen Moment of Inertia Tensors and Principle Directions


File contains individual MOI tensors and principle directions calculated for each specimen.

Questions concerning data should be sent to Andre Loyd (aml6 (at) duke (dot) edu), or Jason Kait (jkait (at) duke (dot) edu).

Download (.doc)


When using the data for publications please acknowledge:
Andre Loyd and the Injury and Orthopaedic Biomechanics Lab at Duke University
Loyd, Andre M, Roger Nightingale, Calvin Lee, Cameron R. 'Dale' Bass,
Donald Frush, Clark Daniel, Jeff Marcus, S. Mukundan, and Barry S.
Myers. "Pediatric Head Contours and Inertial Properties for ATD
Design." 54th Stapp Car Crash Conference 54 (2010).
This data is copyrighted 2010 Duke University.  All rights reserved